[Guestlists] How does it work?

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[Guestlists] How does it work?

GUESTLISTS : How does it work?

You want to be on David Guetta's guestlist ? Here is how it works.

Except on particular dates, a guestlist is available at every David Guetta's gig for his forum members. It allows the persons on that list to enter in the club for free.
This guestlist is not a free pass, it allows only not to pay at the entry, you have to be well-dressed and the staff can refuse you the access.

FIRST, YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED ON THIS FORUM. Then, to have your name on the guestlist of your choice, you have to send an EMAIL to and give, in the EMAIL TITLE: the name of the club and the date (each email that doesn't respect these rules will be systematically deleted), for example : "30/07/09 F*** Me I'm Famous @ Pacha, Ibiza". In the email body, precise your forum username, your full name and the full name of ONE guest (you can come with one person).

- The guestlist is limited, only the first requests will be accepted.

- The guestlist winners are displayed on the GUESTLISTS section of the forum.

- If a date doesn't appear on the GUESTLISTS forum, please check that it appears on davidguetta.com otherwise it means that nobody has made a request for it yet.

- When a list is followed by 'LISTE CLOSE' it means that it is COMPLETE or closed. So it's useless to send requests or private messages and emails, thanks.

- The lists are closed one week before the date of the gig, to be sent to the organisation.

- A request for a gig that doesn't appear on David Guetta website calendar will be DELETED.

- To give a chance to everyone, you can be on 2 lists per month maximum.

- I am on the guestlist, what should I do?
1. go to the entry of the club and prepare your ID card (same thing for your guest).
2. tell the doorman that you are on David Guetta's guestlist. Some clubs have a special waiting line for the guestlists.
3. once again, the guestlist is not a pass, be ready to be accepted to enter ... or not.

- Will I receive something?
No, there is no email or SMS confirmation. The club or festival receives the list. Your name (and your guest's name) will appear on the forum as a confirmation.
If a guest list is canceled by the organisation, you'll be told by email.

- Finally, I can't go to the party, what should i do?
Please, send an email (guestlist@davidguetta.com) giving your name and the one of your guest to free the list for other members.

- Can I change the name of my guest?
Justified requests can be accepted (guestlist@davidguetta.com). Don't forget that the guest lists are closed a week before the party.

- Can I give my pass to somebody else?

- Does the guestlist allow free drinks or a backstage acces ?