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Contact David

Hi there,

I'd like to contact David, I'm producing a new song.
I want to send it to David mail in a David's vide I noticed that he checks his mail every day and check new song Biggrin Maybe he can check out mine too.

I work for a big media too, so I'd like him to consider an interview, but this by PM.

I hope somebody can help me.


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Answered by PM.

Andrijana Andova
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My name is Andrijana Andova and I am a journalist at the most selling daily newspaper in Macedonia, "Dnevnik" ( I am working at the music section of the newspaper and I would like to do a big interview with David Guetta before his show in Macedonia on the 1st of August. You can write to me on this email or call me Of course we can do the interview by email or over the phone.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Andrijana Andova

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Hello, we are a project called Bad Influence. We are a couple of Dj's that not only play but also produce music. we wanted to contact David Guetta if possible because we really wanted him to listen to one song of ours.

Thank you,

Bad Influence

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Bonjour Charles,

Nous cherchons à contacter David et Cathy depuis quelques temps.

Notre Studio est spécialisé dans les designs extèrieurs de Jets privés et comme nous allons assez loin en créa dans ce domaine, nous avons pensé à proposer un déco pour le Jet de David et Cathy soit çà titre privé soit pour accompagner leurs promos.

En MP, nous vous inviterons à découvrir quelques réalisations sur notre site et si l'idée les séduit, nous pourrons leur dévoiler d'autres designs non publiés (Madona World Tour 2012 par exemple) et travailler sur une personnalisation.

Merci par avance pour votre retour et pour votre aide.

Bien cordialement,


slam dunkx
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Will david listen to my song and how do I send it to him?

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how do i pm you?

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Is it possible to send message to David, please?


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I have a business proposition for David Guetta.

It is about associating his image to a new technology for headphones.

If you can help get a contact with i would be thankful.

Thank you

M Tiham Siddiqui
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I know it is difficult for you.But,please if you give me his email,I can contact him easily.Or,please can you make a meeting for me with him on Skype.I can't believe,I tried so much hard to contact him.Believe me,when he meet or talk to me he'll be suelly impressed by me.
I beg you to do this,for God Sake please.Try to understand.For me its a matter of life and death.
Thank You.

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My name is Angelica Pannell from AZUL-MUNDOFOX, which is a weekly cable broadcast on MUNDOFOX airing on Saturdays at 11:00AM. Also the show is re-broadcasted on TELEMUNDO Sundays at 10:30AM.
I was wondering if you know who is the person responsible for authorizing a brief interview with David Guetta at SMF 2013 in Tampa.
Please let me know if there is a possibility of making this happen and thank you for your help and prompt response.


Angelica Pannell

Trone Vega
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I wanted to contact you have David listen to a remix that we did. All we need is to be given a chance and we wont let anyone down from there. We are a duo that produces house. Please get back to me when you do get a moment so we can discuss further. Our sound cloud link is below.

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my name is mjid im producer from san fransisco. i have always been a fan and you have ben a big inspiration for me .im sending my demo hoping to get herd if you like it by the chance my email is phone number 6193469888

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Thx Mate, check the reply I sent you.

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You can use twitter.

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Markos. wrote:
Thx Mate, check the reply I sent you.

Done. Wink

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Hi, just read this post.

Can I get the contact too ?
I'd like to send my song to David, maybe he interest with that.

Really appreciate it, thank you so much.


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Send me a PM.


Hi Charles C

I sent you a PM.


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I forgot to include this in my original post:

Because of all the damage done to the bones in my upper and lower jaw, pallet, nose, cheek bones, and orbital sockets, I have enough titanium in my face to make a few trinkets. Titanium plates, screw, mesh, and wire hold my face together. It is a big reason why I feel a strong connection to this song.

Andrew And Sebastian
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My Name is Andrew from Andrew And Sebastian. We are Music Producer from Italy, we need the contact to david guetta, coz we have/keep a big music production in our hands, and we want to show him this fantastic Track Arrangement. On one side to receive criticism and otherwise to make maybe a collaboration!!

Plz Help us to receive the info.!! We've no idea how we can come in contact with him. plz PM

Greetings A&S

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Hello, I suppose it's pretty obvious what I'm going to ask, but I wanted to know, like the rest of these people, if I would be able to get in touch with David. I know it's a bit of a longshot, but my cousin and I are willing to try...anything. I was hoping to send him our song for feedback and whatever else comes of it. I'd really appreciate it, thanks for your time.

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Dear David Guetta,

I'm Axel Cohen and i have a question?
I want to produce a t-shirt whit you name and picture on it.
I want to bring it to the market of textiel and i know some shops in Cannes and other city's and they want i sell it to them, but i need a agree to put your name an picture on the t-shirt.
So can you sen me a email back whit some information if you agree whit it?
If you agree i will pay for each t-shirt i sell royalty and i send you the desing of the t-shirt.

Thanks for reading and i will hope a answer.

Best regards
Axel Cohen

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Hi everybody .

I'm a David Guetta fan and I have produced a song too so I'd like David to hear it .
If someone can tell me his e-mail or the way of contacting him I'd be very grateful .

Thank you very much

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Hi, my name is Ugur, i live in Florida, i also would like to connect to David, i love his music and i make music as well, i have some of my mixes and would like David to listen to them as well please, i hope someone returns me, thank you!

Kate Orange
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Dear Sir/Madame,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am a manager of DJ Kate Orange who has produced the song "Stereo Radio" which has been recently used at a TV show "El Hornmiguero" with Mr. David Guetta's participation.

The video of the TV show in question can be found by the following link:

I would deeply appreciate if you could kindly provide me with an opportunity to contact Mr. Guetta or somebody from his management team. I would like to ask Mr. Guetta to give his short review of the song "Stereo Radio". Since Kate is a promising, young artist a short even one-sentence-long recommendation from such prominent dj and producer as Mr. Guetta could help Kate in making her first and not easy steps towards the music Olympus.

I guaranty that any contact details provided, would be treated as private and confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties or used for any purpose other than discussion of the above mentioned matter.

You can contact me by the following email address:

Thank you in advance.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

With best wishes,

Katya Sikoza,
Inclusivo. Events and Booking agency.

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I see David will be in Moscow on October 1. It might be interesting if David had some time to meet to discuss the terms of him producing a song for a talented singer here. Thanks if you could mention this to him. He could contact me at .

Thanks, Geoffrey.

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Hi Charles,
I have tried to message you but the website keeps saying I am not authorized. I would like to discuss David working with one of my artist, and would like to send some information through. If you could let me know who I could send it to, so that I am not making any unsolicited contact that would be fantastic. I thank you in advance for your time.

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I DJ on a online dance music radios station and as a big fan, I would love to play one of David's DJ mixes on my show. Can some on pm me the details on how I would go about contacting the right people to get permission to do this?


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Hey there,

I am a 27 years old singer from germany and wanted to make a song together with david guetta, if he might be interested.
I think i´m professional enough to that. I made it through different bands, singing and perfoming on different events for years now.
And i would do anything to get the Chance to make music with such an great artist! it would be an honor to me!
I hope you can help me with that. I´ll do what ever i got to do for that chance!
Please give me a opportunity to proof it.


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Hello! I'd like to contact David Guetta because of a new song, which could probably be interesting for him (unfortunately I haven't got any possibilities to perform, mix or add beats, I can only write down my songs and play a piano version without beats). It would be great if he listened to it, just for a few seconds.

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Hello, I would like to contact david guetta, when he offer their concert in Chile to make a small interview for a radio program.

If anyone can help me contact me by PM.



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i wrote something and just wanted to let him see. i have a suggestion for him too.

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i would like to reach him by email address or something. please help me out here

Dj Chancy
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how can i send for david guetta a remix to be an official remix ??

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Can I know whom I can contact to book David for a concert?

Thanks. Need help.



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For booking, one and only contact :

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Hello there,

My name is Lucas Lugo, I am a huge fan of David Guetta. I will be getting married in May and wanted to see how I can go about getting a greeting from David for my wedding. I have worked hard to achieve all my goals in life, and David has been a motivation in every aspect, it would mean a lot to me. If someone can help me I would be truly greatful.



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I`m throwing a big party with all my friends to listen to David Guetta`s music. We want to make it different so it would be cool if we could talk with him through Skype. So I need his e-mail to contact him.

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You are the #1 DJ in the world and you have an amazing way to reach the people. Please inform the people about Kony and how we are going to stop him. You have a powerful voice and you must use it David. Please join the fight at

You are blessed to have a powerful impact on the world and you must do it for all of us. Smile

Dj juicy
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hey! my name is jusuf and i live in sweden. im trying to get my name out there and maybe you could help me? Smile

well yeah.. i have a soundcloud acc and the remix is in there. it would be great if you could listen through the whole song and maybe tell me what you think. Smile



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I write poems/ songs.... They are short and some amazing words. I tried to Contact Mr David before as well but didnt know the proper channel. I have been writing since I was 7. My creations are of no use in my own country's media bcoz I generally write in English. I suggest you must read of my pieces and then decide to take it further or not. In case you think I should get a chance kindly email me on

I am a Lawyer by Profession but writing poems is my passion. Never wanted to sound cheezy so was a bit reluctant in contacting and then my friends convinced me to send a message at least. Rest I hope you find me good as well

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Please i will love to contact David.
I have a very great idea,is all about a reality show.I am quit uptimistic that this idea if properly developed it will sell very well.It will be a yearly show here in dublin and can also extend to other parts of the world.I need a promotet like you to help me.

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i would like to know when David plays a concert in Poland this year

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Je cherche le número de telephone de manager de David pour les pourparler sur le tournage dans le projet "C'est l'amour!" a Paris au fin de juin 2012

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Hi my name is Andy,

i´m writing my bachelor thesis about creating a term for a new music genre in connection with the new style of music, David Guetta initiated. One important element for my research and a reliable result will be a youtube video, that I want to create. In this video I would like to use some snippets and qoute from David Guettas Video "Nothing but the Beat".

Who can I ask for permission to use parts of the video?
Is there a possibility to send Mr. Guetta my results, if he is interessted?

for direct contact please send me a mail to:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards.

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When Guetta played June 15th in Oslo, Norway, he played a mix called "Craissy/Put Your Fucking Hands Up" by DJ Obek(?).
That one kicked ass, and lifted the whole roof.
Problem is, I can't seem to find that version/mix anywhere. There are lots of mixes on Spotify/Youtube, and the closest match I found is the "4Ibiza" mix, Albert Neve/Chuckie version. This one is pretty similar to the one Guetta played in Vallhall, but Guetta's version played that night had much more dubstep in it. I'll put a Youtube link from the Oslo consert below so you'll understand which particular version I'm looking for.

I hope you're able to give me an answer on this, as I'm desperate to listen to the mix described above on my speakers. A downloadable file etc would be terrific Smile

Youtube link:

Thanks in advance!

Regards, John.

Deni Doyal
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Hello, Charles!

We would like to inquire about the possibility David for our event.
Please tell me whom to contact about a concert?
If possible, please let us know about the conditions of the actor.

Thank you.

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I wanted to see if it would be possible for me to get a photo pass to cover David's set at Electric Zoo 2012. I am a local photographer based out of Trumbull CT that specializes in Wedding, Portraiture and Corporate Events. I have been trying to get into concert photography but have never had any luck with getting access. I am basically looking to shoot for my portfolio and I would also shoot freelance for the concert if you need photography help. Please see below a few links to some of my work. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Frank Vitucci
facebook photo page - - this site is under construction